Friday, October 17, 2008

Unique food in Mexico!

Mexico has many types of delicious food. For example, it has spicy food, sweet food, and a lot of unique flavors. These flavors are mixed with sea food, chicken, salmon, meat, salads etc.. My favorite food is POZOLE. They exist 2 types like red and green. It has pork or chicken whichever you prefer. The other ingredient are guajillo pepers, onion, garlic, tomatoes, corn for pozole, cilantro and mixed all. It's a unforgettable flavor. You can eat whit toasts, cream, avocado, Lettuce and radishes. It's more great. If you go to Mexico you need try this saucer. I recommend it to you. [warning: sometimes is a little spicy =)]


Rino said...

I wanna try Mexican food!

minami said...

I've never tried mexican food,so I want to try it.
It tastes too spicu??

Ayumi said...

I want to eat it.I think What tasty-looking it!!

Chisa said...

I want to eat your country food, but it looks like spicy.
Does it taste spicy?
Why don't we go taco'solt again?