Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My Dream Car!

Once i was drove my car from Guanajuato, this way is very dangerous because have many curves well, this day i drove alone and the climete wasn't good beacause it was raning. I was lisening to music and singing when of surprice one animal goes out of the mountain and crosses in the way and I I move the steering wheel to avoid it but i can't and i hit. Today de animal and me are feel well but my car is in repair for 6 months.


Rino said...

6 months?????
You had better buy new one!!!

Chisa said...

I like your nice car.
Could you take me your car?
Anyway,I'm glad eat a tacos with you today.
I love it and Starbacks!

Ayumi said...

I think your car is soooo cool.
I want to drive your car.
Anyway, I think you are very cute never change.

minami said...

Where is Guanajuato??? In Mexico?
But I like your car.

narumi said...

Your car is very cool.
I like your car and are you ok?

N A W A F said...

Wow 6 months? I bet that was bad time for you